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The Ancient sites of Egypt

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All inclusive holiday deals to Mediterranean destinations are becoming even more popular. They are the perfect way to control your daily spending as all your food, drink and entertainment is covered before you even get to your destination. One ideal destination is Egypt and no wonder. This country with its mix of ancient history and [...]

3 Of The Very Best Museums To Visit On Your Ibiza Holiday

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Take a break from the pool and beach on your holiday in Ibiza and visit one of the many museums located in Ibiza Town. We have given below, details of 3 of the best museums to visit. Museu Arqueologic d’Eivissa i Formentera Located in Ibiza Town [Plaza de la Catedral], this is probably the most [...]

A Quick Guide To San Antonio – Ibiza

San Antonio is one of the most popular destinations in Ibiza and it is just a 20-minute journey from Ibiza Town itself. It offers a wide variety of entertainment and accommodation options which will suit tourists of all ages, although its popularity is now with younger people who are holidaying in groups, such as stag [...]

Ibiza’s Top 5 Nightclubs

November 24, 2010 by  
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If you have booked your Ibiza holidays and want to know where to find the very best clubbing on the island – just read on. These are our 5 favourite clubs on Ibiza and you should try and experience each one while you are there; Space Space is one of the most popular clubs in [...]

Unchartered Ibiza

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Ibiza is one of the largest and well known islands off the coast of Spain. Located around 80 km off the coast of Valencia, Ibiza is easily accessed by boat or arrival by plane from many international destinations. It is world renowned for its partying lifestyle and perfect for your Balearic Islands holidays. During your [...]

An Overview Of Ibiza – Your Essential 2 Minute Guide

Like most islands, getting an overview of Ibiza is easier said than done because there’s simply so much to do and experience. The island is Ibiza is located about 80 kilometers off the mainland of Spain. Surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, the island’s temperature is governed by the temperature of the surrounding water. When the [...]

The Joys Of Shopping In Ibiza

Ii you are an avid shopper, shopping in Ibiza is reason enough to visit this island. Ibiza has a massive range of shopping locations which include national chains, local shopping locations, and street markets that are unique to the island. When shopping in Ibiza, you’ll find a large number of large, small, interesting, and famous [...]

3 Amazing Special Events And Festivals In Ibiza That You Won’t Want To Miss

If you are looking for special events and festivals in Ibiza, then buckle down, because you’re in the right spot! In this article we’re going to look at the “We Love Sunday’s” event, the Ibiza Fiestas, and the Ibiza Medieval Festival. 1. “We Love Sundays!” If you are traveling to Ibiza to experience a true [...]

What To Do In Ibiza – The Top 3 Activities You Won’t Want To Miss

If you open up Google and type in “What to do in Ibiza,” you’ll quickly become overwhelmed with all of your options. There’s simply too much to do, see, and experience within a 1 week span of time. Well, you’re in the right spot, because we’re going to talk about what to do in Ibiza. [...]

Ibiza Beaches – Separating The “Good Beaches” From The “Best Beaches”

Spain’s Ibiza island is well known around the world for it’s rich natural beauty. It’s also known as having a culture that it unique to itself, with traditions and a heritage that dates back to the days of the Roman civilization. The island of Ibiza is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations. With a [...]

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