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A Food Lovers Guide To The Top 3 Ibiza Restaurants

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As you would expect from a tourist destination that delivers in every other area, Spain’s Ibiza has some outstanding restaurants.

Like most other cities, towns and villages, you’ll find Ibiza restaurants located nearly everywhere. Starting from around 6 pm, the towns truly comes alive with thousands of tourists and locals browsing the streets and frequenting the many cafes and restaurants.

Since Ibiza Town is located around a marina front, fish, as well as all other types of seafood is an absolute “must experience” here. If you order a plate of shrimp or crab, chances are it was swimming in the nearby sea just a few short hours earlier.

In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to take a quick look at some Ibiza restaurants that you should visit if you get the chance.

First, make sure to check out The Royalty.

The Royalty cafe is one of the oldest Ibiza restaurants. This restaurant was founded before the civil war years, and is historically significant. This cafe is on Santa Eulalia’s main street. The outdoor pavement tables are among the best places to sit and observe the town bustle around you.

The cafe is well known for it’s pastries and cakes. Though it isn’t one of the cheapest Ibiza restaurants, they also serve great grilled veggie and meat dishes.

The next place to check out is the Es Caliu grill.

This grill is the place to go to when you’ve had your fill of seafood. It specializes in grilled meats of the highest quality. Beyond the food, the grill also offers a unique ambiance with an outdoor terrace, roofed with flowers and thatch.

Finally, check out the La Plaza Restaurant.

The La Plaza restaurant is in an old village, and is perfect for those desiring to experience the nostalgic charm of this island. The Ibiza architecture of this town, combined with the restaurant’s largely French cuisine creates an amazing combination that shouldn’t be missed.

So there you have the three top Ibiza restaurants. Write these down, or print this page out, because mussing these spots would be doing your taste buds a major disservice!

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