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Ibiza: A Hub for the Ideal Extended European Experience

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It might be getting sultry now but when winter returns you might find yourself once again tempted to chuck all of your personal belongings into Chicago or Toronto storage units and make an international escape to a more forgiving atmosphere. No matter the season or your city’s weather pattern Ibiza remains one of the most adventurous places you could go to spend your time off. If you’ve racked up a few months of vacation time, why not stay extendedly? Even if the party island capital of the planet isn’t your ideal place to spend several weeks, it’s a great place to position yourself for easy travel to the rest of Europe and beyond.

Airfare To and From the Rest of Europe is Cheap and Reliable

Ibiza’s popularity with Europeans as an island of adult adventure and subsequent volume of visitors means inbound and outbound flights to the rest of the continent are typically cheap and almost always on time. Ibiza offers a terrific launch pad for spontaneous European travel. If you’re not much for plans but still want a fulfilling European experience Ibiza is a terrific place to get started, with countless avenues of excitement to participate in while you decide where else to visit. No matter the ultimate destination – Paris, the Netherlands, Zagreb, or Rome, you name it and it’s a hop skip and a jump from Ibiza.

Centrally Located for More Exotic Travel If You Choose

Ibiza’s position off the coast of Spain makes it ideal for basing a trip to sites in northern Africa if you chose to venture south away from Europe. Morocco is easily accessible and even Egypt isn’t an impossibility (though I’d stay away from there until the political turmoil calms down). You should definitely investigate the particulars of being American or Canadian entering North African nations through Spain, but with a little planning (even if you don’t like to) a journey to some of the oldest cultures on Earth isn’t hard to coordinate and successfully execute from an extended stay in Ibiza.

This is all of course based on the simple truth that Ibiza remains one of the culturally richest epicenters of European intermingling and is itself overwhelmingly worth settling into for a long-term stay. Whether it’s medieval ruins or modern club scenes, Ibiza has an amazing array of experiences any traveler new to the continent is sure to enjoy. You might arrive and decide never to leave the island the whole time. While I do hope you take advantage of the proximity of endless European adventures, Ibiza is enough adventure for a lifetime. Either way, it’s worth the journey!

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