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Ibiza: A Hub for the Ideal Extended European Experience

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It might be getting sultry now but when winter returns you might find yourself once again tempted to chuck all of your personal belongings into Chicago or Toronto storage units and make an international escape to a more forgiving atmosphere. No matter the season or your city’s weather pattern Ibiza remains one of the most [...]

An Overview Of Ibiza – Your Essential 2 Minute Guide

Like most islands, getting an overview of Ibiza is easier said than done because there’s simply so much to do and experience. The island is Ibiza is located about 80 kilometers off the mainland of Spain. Surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, the island’s temperature is governed by the temperature of the surrounding water. When the [...]

Experience Ibiza’s Enchanting Culture and Traditions

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If you’ve been looking for culture and traditions of Ibiza, you’ve probably been coming up empty-handed. There’s a reason for that. Unlike many of the other islands that surround the mainland continent of Europe, Ibiza simply isn’t a classic cultural mecca of European society, as most of the culture and traditions of Ibiza are shared [...]